The Hussenbach Villages of Russia
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Hussenbach Linevo Osero
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Hussenbach, Gaschon
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Hussenbach Pastors

Many descendants of the Hussenbach Colonies are not aware that there are two such colonies. Our purpose is to attempt to help those people determine from "which" Hussenbach their ancestors originated
  • Hussenbach [Eustenbach] (Linevo Osero) is in the Kanton of Frank, in the Province of Saratov, and is on the Bergseite (hillside) or west side of the Volga River. The colony was founded in 1767 with a population of 525. By 1912 the population was 8080, and in 1926 it was 6623. This was established as a Lutheran village and is located on the Medvidetsa River.

  • Hussenbach (Gaschon) sometimes called Neu-Hussenbach, is in the Kanton of Krasny Kut, in the Province of Samara and is on the Wiesenseite (meadowside) or the east side of the Volga River. This village was established in 1860 as a daughter colony. In 1912 the population has been shown as 6624. This is also a Lutheran village and is located on the Gaschon River.
Resources Available

Data Bank

A data bank has been established for Hussenbachers which includes both colonies. The data bank has been established by Louise Potter (address below).

In order to make the data bank of more value to all who are interested in this village, we encourage all Hussenbachers to send their family group sheets and pedigree charts to the addresses below. Also needed are Hussenbach family charts received from Dr. Pleve or other researchers.

Old Newsletters

The Hussenbach Review was a newsletter that was published quarterly. The purpose of the newsletter was genealogy and the sharing of information received from people whose ancestors were from Hussenbach.

This newsletter was published from from June 1994 until March of 1999. It contained information for Hussenbachers, such as reader's stories about their own village or queries about missing family in Russia or elsewhere.

Old Issues and may be ordered for $2.50 each from:

We also have a copy of the TABLE OF CONTENTS to all issues of the Hussenbach Review for $2.50 U.S., $3.00 if a Canadian order (U.S. funds), available from Louise Potter (address below).

Louise Potter
306 N Alder
Toppenish WA 98948
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Charts Available

There are currently 7 surname charts that have been completed by Dr. Igor Pleve of Saratov, Russia. These are for the names of: PROPP, STENZEL, SCHATZEL, SUPPES, LEIS, RIEL and JORDAN.

These surname charts are available from AHSGR headquarters .


The Hussenbach 1834 census and 1857 census have been ordered.

Church Records
  • Births: 1838-1909
  • Deaths: 1839-1858, 1871 and 1908
  • Marriages: 1878-1908

The cost for the church records is $2.00 per page plus translation fees.

Books For Sale

We would like to tell you about our books which we have for sale! One is entitled, "Germans From Russia in the Yakima Valley Prior to 1940". This is a very beautiful book, hard bound, 219 pages, 8 1/2 X 11. The book is indexed by "village" and "surname" with more than 150 villages and 650 ancestral surnames. There are family pictures, pictures of churches from the valley, and town histories.

The price of this book is $15.00 which includes shipping/handling in the USA and $17.50 in Canada (money order, U.S. Funds).

You can order this book by sending a check to:
Louise Potter
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We also have a soft cover book for sale: "Kirchenbote Obituaries, 1956-1963"
This book is an index to obituaries taken from all the Kirchenbote papers for the years listed. With the purchase of a book the buyer is entitled to four free obituaries; $.50 for additional obits. If no book is purchased single obituaries are $1.00 each. It is in three sections, Alpha Obituaries (93 pages); Village Index (11 pages); and Every Name Index (37 pages). It sells for $12.00 US or $15.00 Canadian (money order, US funds). Both include postage and handling.

A supplement to the Index of Kirchenbote Obituaries is available for the same price.

Hussenbach (Linevo Osero) Pastors

The dioceses, of which Hussenbach is a part, was located at Frank, and included the parishes of Frank, 4,493 parishioners; Walter, 4,354 parishioners; Kolb, 1,810 parishioners; and Hussenbach, 3,540 parishioners. This was in the year 1768, according to Victor Volz in his book. Our thanks to Clarence Kissler for allowing us to use part of the list on the Frank webpage.

The pastors were:

  • 1768-1770 Pastor Mittelstadt, Johann Friedrich
  • 1771-1776 Pastor Heitzig, Johann Friedrich
  • 1777-
  • 1778-1782 Pastor Ahlbaum, Laurentius
  • 1782-1786 Pastor Buttner, Samuel Traugott
  • 1787-
  • 1788-1817 Pastor Flither, Franz August (may be Flittner)
  • 1818-1820 Pastor Flither, David (may be Flittner)
  • 1820-1837 Pastor Holz, Franz
  • 1838-1868 Pastor Wurthner, Jakob
  • 1868-1878 Pastor David, Ernest Theophil
  • 1879-1882 Pastor Dittrich
  • 1883-
  • 1884-1901 Pastor Roos, Karl Rudolph
  • 1901-1914 Pastor Somelt, Michael
  • 1915-1916
  • 1917-1920 Pastor Kluck, Arthur Julius
  • 1921-1925
  • 1926-1930 Pastor Stabb, Konrad

Pastor Stabb served in Kamyschin 1922-1925. After serving Frank/Hussenbach/Kolb/Walter he was under arrest in Kamyschin in 1934 where he was murdered, tortured or starved in 1938.

The first church in Hussenbach was built in 1885. It was of wood construction. In the year 1896 it was destroyed by fire and a new church built in 1903-1905 of backstein, a type of adobe. It was a large church and had seating for 2,500. In the year 1905 Hussenbach had 4,872 parishioners. The school had 735 scholars. In the story "Ich bin ein Hussenbacher" by Jacob Hoffman (As Told to His Son, Jack W. Hoffmann) printed in the Hussenbach Review December 1995, he states "The schulmeister (teacher) in Hussenbach, from 1880 to approximately 1919 was the Reverend David Maul. Mr. Schira apparently followed him as a teacher." Additional information will be appreciated.